ChakrasReiki is an ancient natural healing technique. It is a simple, powerful and non-invasive system for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects of the person. Reiki heals on the physical, emotional and mental levels, which means that it gets right to the cause of the dis-ease.

The word Reiki is translated as “Universal Life Force”; Rei is translated as “wisdom and knowledge of all the universe” and ki is the life force energy that flows through every living thing.

The level and quality of life force energy that flows through our body has an impact on our well- being. Stress and negative thoughts can deplete out life force energy or cause blockages to it’s free flow, and this invariably leads to disease.

Reiki is a non-invasive, non-denominational and gentle healing method that is available to anyone regardless of his or her personal beliefs and intellectual capacity. People of all ages and from all backgrounds can benefit from Reiki and acquire the ability to channel Reiki’s healing energy themselves.

Einstein and later quantum physicists have explained that at an atomic level everything that exists in the universe is energy, vibrating and oscillating at different rates. Reiki is an aspect of the universal life force energy that permeates the universe.

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